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It's BBQ Time! - Texas BBQ

Sep. 2nd, 2007

10:39 am - It's BBQ Time!

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Hey all! I was going to have a party this weekend to celebrate my masters degree, but wife nixed it. I'll do it later this month.

But, I'm BBQing for a few friends to raise some funds for my concest in November, and giving some away to a few friends recouping from surgery or babies. Yes, that's what we do in the south. We say "I Love You" with food.

Stated brining at 9am. Made rub. Made sangria. About to set up the site. I'll start wood at noon, cooking at 3.

A friend of mine let me borrow the first season of "the Sopranos" so I don't have to watch "West Wing".

Better start setting up!